Punjabi Traditional Dress of Men’s

Punjabi Traditional Dress of Men’s can be creative with their kurta appearance and develop a style that is appropriate for the occasion. Outfits can be made in a variety of ways, depending on your ingenuity and the right blend. For men’s traditional Punjabi attire, choose from a variety of materials, designs, and patterns, and mix and match the outfits listed below to relieve the stress.

Top 4 Traditional Dress for Men’s

punabi Kurta & Pajama - The Trending Fashions

Kurta & Pajama

One of the most basic outfits worn by Indian males is the kurta-pajama, which consists of two items of clothing. The first is a kurta, which is a flowy long shirt that almost reaches the knees, and the second is a featherweight elastic pants known as a pyjama. Kurta pyjamas are typically use for formal occasions, but they can also be take informally. Many Indian males, in fact, wear this attire to sleep.

the kurta pyjama is meant to be a loose-fitting clothing, only soft fabrics are utilize to make it. Although good quality cotton is the most popular fabric for kurta pyjamas, other materials such as silk and satin are also utilise. Adults usually prefer to wear neutral-colored kurtas and pyjamas because they offer them a more dignified appearance. Children, on the other hand, dress in a variety of colours and patterns.

Kurta with Dhoti - The Trending Fashions

Kurta with Dhoti

The dhoti kurta is perhaps the most classic of all the Indian men’s outfits. Most images of Indians taken before, during, and shortly after freedom show persons wear either as the dhoti kurta or the kurta pyjama. Previously, Punjabi men wore dhoti kurta as a casual daily outfit. However, as our culture became more sophisticate, it was gradually consign to only formal attire. But, some people, especially in rural areas, continue to wear the dhoti-kurta on a routine basis.

Although the dhoti kurta has lost favour in modern India, it is still worn with pride by many important senior citizens, legislators, artists, performers, and others. The dhoti kurta, which is worn on all significant government and family occasions, is also permitted to be worn at post-upscale clubs, which usually have a strict dress code for guests. Mahatma Gandhi is the one renown Indian citizen who is credit with popularising this outfit outside of India.

pagri - The Trending Fashions


Pagri is a type of hat prefer by Sikh males. It’s also refer as pag, and it’s a fabric wrapping technique. Men also wear a turban, which comes in a variety of colours, in addition to the typical Punjabi attire.

Punjabis place a great deal of importance on their headpiece. Sikhs wear the turban, also termed as dastar, to keep their long hair under control. The ‘Dastar Bandhi’ rite, which includes the tying of the first turban, is well-known at Golden Temple. In the company of his family, the little child dons his turban for the very first time.

Jutti - The Trending Fashions


Punjabi men’s traditional attire features the Jutti, or punjabi shoes. Jutti is now available with rubber soles as well. It’s a type of handcrafted footwear that’s most closely identifies with Punjabis. The juttis don’t distinguish between left and right feet and mould themselves to the contour of the feet over time. The design of a man’s jutti differs from that of a woman. Men’s versions have an enlarged bend at the tip of the foot. Juttis for women are heavily embellish and embroidered.

The Jutti is very well-known in Punjab, and most Punjabis enjoy wearing it. There are several local types, including as Kasoori, Lahori, and Peshawari Juttis, in addition to Punjabi shoes or juttis. Patiala and Amritsar have been key transit hubs for Indian handmade juttis in recent years. Many vendors supply Punjabi Juttis to Punjab and other areas of the globe from these locations.

Punjabi Traditional dress in modern days:

The introduction of westernised styles into today’s society has resulted in a shift in the style and design of clothing. Now, the outfit has been transform into jeans, shorts, wacky T-shirts, and a variety of other western fashions. These fashions have mixed with traditional beliefs.


Punjabi Traditional Dress of Men’s Ancient attire exudes charm. Punjabi traditional wear, in its numerous varieties, tells volumes about the culture and tradition that has been pass down for years. Create unique outfits and display them wonderfully with this list of ethnic wearing techniques with a contemporary look.

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