rajasthan traditional dresses for women- trends you absolutely must try in 2022

Rajasthan traditional dress for women , which gives them a distinct visual appeal. Men with colourful turbans, angrakhas, and dhoti kurtas identify their personality, while coy ladies wear brilliant as well as gorgeous ghagra choli and odhni embellished with heavy jewellery. Everything they wear, from the bright as well as fresh hues to the exquisite accessories, is a reflection of their gala existence.

Rajasthan clothing depicts a tradition that dates back to ancient times. Despite the influence of the city, Rajasthani maintains a traditional way of life as well as culture. This is especially evident on holidays as well as other occasions when communities get together to celebrate. Rajasthan is a famous tourist destination among the Indian masses because of its old forts, ancient towns, intriguing folk arts, and recognize apparel as well as cuisine.

Rajasthan Costumes for Women:

Women’s Rajasthan outfits are well-known all over the world. Numerous European women dressed as Indian Rajasthani brides during the Pushkar fair near Ajmer. In red Ghagharas as well as cholis, they looked stunning.

Ghaghara, Choli, Kachli as well as Kurtis, are the traditional Rajasthani dresses wear by women. An odhni is frequently present. Rajasthani textiles have several characteristics.

Top Rajasthan Traditional Dresses of Women’s

Ghagras - Thetrendingfashions


This well-known outfit requires no introduction. Ghagras are long skirts with a narrow waistband and a flared bottom that reaches the ankles. Embroidery, antique borders, as well as Jaipuri Gota-Patti’s work adorn these multi-pleated pieces. In recent years, ghagras or lehengas have been synonymous with weddings; for example, this lehenga would be the ideal bridal ensemble for showcasing your figure.

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Choli or Kanchli

Blouses as well as short Kurtis is known as cholis or Kanchils are wear with the traditional Ghaghra. A blouse is a short-sleeved bodice, but a Kurti is a long skirt-like garment worn over the blouse that reaches the waist. These are made of cotton or silk and feature embroidered, mirror work, beads as well as sequins, coral, and shells.

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Odhni or Chunari

It’s 2.5 to 3 meters long and 1.5 to 2 meters broad, and it comes in a variety of fabrics with various colors as well as designs printed on them. Every Rajasthani woman’s greatest glory is her traditional attire. It differs according to religion and caste. 

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Rajasthani women look stunning in their traditional dress. Jholas are colorful fabric purses that give a woman a distinct style as well as enhance the appearance of her outfit. These are available in a variety of styles.

Traditional Rajasthani jewelry such as Jhumkas for the ears, Chura for the wrists, Rakhi or Mang Tika for the forehead, Timaniya (choker necklace) for the neck, Nath (nose ring) and Bichhiyas for the toes, the ankles have become popular accessories for enhancing the effect of ethnic clothing.

Importance of Rajasthan traditional dresses :

  • On festival occasions, traditional attire can be wear.
  • It demonstrates that you cherish your cultural heritage. 
  • Reflects the family’s traditional values. 
  • Traditional attire will offer you a stylish and charming appearance. 
  • Traditional clothing will add a new perspective on life to the collection.

What does Traditional Dress Represent?

Traditional dress is a type of costume that expresses a person’s identity and is usually associate with a geographic place or a period of history. It can also reveal information about one’s socioeconomic, marital, or religious standing.


Rajasthan traditional dress for women are a dazzling and vibrant ensemble that is an integral component of a rich heritage’s identity. As a result, the people are proud of their heritage.

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