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Traditional Dress of Gujrat Every country has its own values and traditions, which it strives to maintain. Every part of the state’s culture and tradition, from the language spoken by the inhabitants of a certain town to the food they eat, plays a significant role in the state’s culture and history. As a result, the traditional clothing worn by members of a particular community plays a vital role in presenting the state’s distinct culture. Each state in India has its own distinct dress that reflects the culture and ethnicity of the state to which it belongs. The distinct and bright costumes of a locality contribute to the festival’s celebratory ambiance. As well as a result, traditional garments or attires play an important role in identifying a state’s culture.

Gujarat is also regard as the “Gem of Western India.” Gujarati traditional attire differs for men and women, so there is a fair amount of variety in the clothes.

The majority of areas in Gujarat, from Lord Krishna’s realm to the saline desert of the Great Rann of Kutch, are rich in culture and history. Unlike the state’s food, building, culture, and tradition, the people of this state’s wardrobe or dressing sense is extremely important.

In fact, the Guajarati wearing style is highly cultural, but it also shows the changes that the state has through over the years. Despite the upheaval in the fashion industry, Gujarati dress has adapted to meet the needs of the times without losing its character. With its polished glossy colours, the costume brightens up the mood and surroundings. Aside from the enhanced gowns, the women adorn themselves with attractive and fancy jewellery as well as trendy accessories. Here’s a peek at some of Gujarat’s colourful traditional attire.

Traditional Dresses of Gujarat Men


Gujarati men wear chorno, which is a form of cotton pant. It has the appearance of a woven dhoti and is quite loose and comfortable. Chorno is either elastic or includes a thread to knot at the waist.Only men wear this Gujarati traditional attire.


Kediyu is a top-covering garment worn over the chorno to keep the top half of the body covered. A kediyu is a frock-style kurta with frills wear by Gujarati males. Angrakhu is another name for Kediyu.

The dhoti

A dhotee, also called as just a dhoti, is a large item of clothing worn around the lower body of a man. The garment is tuck in between the legs and wrap around the waist. For everyday dress, Gujarat men wore white or light-colored dhotis.

The kurta

A kurti is a garment that covers the entire body of a guy. Cotton is use to make kurtas for everyday wear. Embroideries or designs may be find on festive kurtas.


It is made up of layer material that is fold around the head. The majority of Gujarati males in remote regions are known for wearing a headpiece or Turban known as Phento, which is made up of multilayer cloth wrap all around head.

The traditional Kutch men’s attire is similar yet slightly different. They dress in loose pants and short frock-like coats with a string looped around the waist and linked to the garment instead of buttons. It’s wear underneath long-sleeved jackets and coats. The men typically dress in white and wear a red or white phento and turban on his heads.

Traditional Dresses of Gujarati Women

Women typically wore the Ghagra or Chaniya Choli, which really is famous not only in Gujarati but throughout India. This outfit is brightly decorate and worn at festivals and other special occasions. Gujarati women also wear the chaniyo, which is a traditional dress. The appearance of this outfit is very similar to that of a Lehenga. The Chaniyo is distinguish by its brilliant colours and unusual elaborate thread and mirror works. Chunni is also wear by women. Chunni resembles dupattas and is typically wear to cover the heads of women.


The saree is a popular Traditional Dress of Gujrat Gujarati garment wear by the majority of women. It comes in a variety of textiles. The pallu is still in the foreground. Pins have been use to pleat it neatly. The colours are vibrant and tastefully adorned. The majority of Gujarati women tuck their keys into the waistband of their saree. A silver hook is use to hang the keys. It will put the keys from dropping to the floor. It gives them the look of a great homemaker.

Ghagra Choli

The Chaniya Choli or Ghagra Choli is the traditional dress of Gujarati women, who also wore an Odhni (dupatta or chunni) with that as well.


The Chaniyo, also known as lehengas, is a petticoat or skirt-like garment worn by women. Mirrors & thread work are use in the Chaniyo’s design.


On top, the women wear Polku or Choli. It’s a short-embroidered blouse.


A chunni, odhni, or dupatta is a long piece of cloth use to finish a clothing. The churn is being use to cover their faces and is wear diagonally.Dresses For Special Ceremonies.

Raas Garba

Raas is a type of folk dance that is perform in pairs. It is a dance that is perform to replicate the Raas Leela, or Lord Krishna’s dance. The pair dances while holding stick in their hand and hitting each other’s sticks. Garba is a simple step-by-step traditional dance perform in a circular with such a group of individuals. During Navratri, weddings, and other occasions, Raas Garba is performe.

With a kamarbandha, women wear chaniya choli or ghagra choli. A colourful waistline is known as a kamarbandha. It can be fashioned of linen or in the style of chain jewellery. To protect the chunni from speeding away, the kamarbandha is wrapped over it.

Keviya and churidars are wear by men. Churidars are a type of tight-fitting pant. Keviya is a frilled long-sleeved coat with a snug fit. To add to a holiday ambiance, they are embellished with mirror work. Marriage Bride: For the wedding ceremony, the bride wears a saree. The saree could be a panetar or a ‘gharchola.’ Panetar is a red bandhini bordered white saree. The Gharchola saree is a traditional red bandhini sari with woven squares all over it.

Outfit for a Gujarati Groom’s

The husband wears a Kurta with embroidery or zari work, as well as a matching Dhoti. A turban may also be wear by the groom. Grooms have begun to wear churidars under their Kurtas rather than Dhotis in recent years.

Traditional Dresses of Kutch

Kutch’s Traditional Dresses

Abha or kanjari is a particular type of choli wear by Kutch women. Abha is a large piece of blouse with mirror design and golden/silver threads work on it.

The males wear baggy pants with short frock-style jackets that are held together instead of buttons using a thread tied to the coat. Under the coat, they wear long-sleeved under jackets. They usually dress in white and put phento on their skulls that are red or white in colour.


Traditional Dress of Gujrat . Gujrat is a wonderful place with fascinating culture, traditions, architecture, and Traditional Dress of Gujrat. If you tour this state, you should spend as much time as possible exploring it. Gujarati clothing is vibrant and intricately embroidered. If you attempt that once in your life, it will be beneficial. This state handcraft is well-known and exported to other countries.

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