top 6 best Ajmal Perfumes in 2022

6 best Ajmal Perfumes With it is present in the MENA markets, Ajmal Perfumes is now consider a Top 45 Arab Brand. With over 2022 unique shops in 19 countries and 502 dealerships worldwide, it has created a formidable worldwide presence. It is led by the second and third generations of the Ajmal family, a household name in India . the Middle East, and has a corporate presence in over 32 countries with an annual revenue of USD200 million.

Sacrifice perfume by Ajmal

With the essence of at the top of the perfume, each of in the middle of the perfume, and finally each at the base of the fragrance. its common constituent is white flowers with amber and vanilla, adding a pleasant and unique aroma.

Mukalla shams perfume by Ajmal

Among the most attractive group’s unique scents, this perfume comprises of blend together to offer you a unique and different aroma, in which it smells and is regard the primary elements in it woody woody notes with musk and amber.

Raindrops perfume by Ajmal

This perfume has been publish by the Ajmal Perfumes Company in 2006 AD, and it has a unique floral aroma that comprise and it is distinguish by its light aroma. which is dominat by the aroma of flowers, but because of its weak aroma, it is difficult to detect. It’s best to put just the correct quantity in for it to smell, and through this experience, you’ll learn something new about perfumes with just a whiff.

Carbon perfume by Ajmal

It is a pretty old perfume, as it was release by the most beautiful in the year 2000 AD, but it is a flower woody scent for men, characterized by teh musk scent for men, with the essence at the top of the fragrance, and each of the Top 6 best Ajmal Perfumes notes being musk, woods, and patchouli at the base of the fragrance.

Sacred love perfume by Ajmal

An old perfume, got release by the most attractive that year 2000 AD, but it’s a floral woody smell for men, characterized by the musk aroma for men, with the essential at the peak of the perfume but each of the Aroma being musk, forests, and lavender at the bottom.

Alf lail o lail Perfume by Ajmal

It is a fairly old fragrance, having been release in the year 2000 AD, and it has a mixture of, it is a woody musky fragrance in the background, and you can detect the strong musk scent when you use it, and it is a nice soft oil prefer to use by ladies in the past.

Untold story about Ajmal Perfume

The origins of Ajmal Fragrance started in the early 1950s, in the lush slopes of Assam’s Himalayas. Ajmal Ali Haji Abdul Majid established a tiny trade establishment in the valuable Dhahanul Oudh oil obtained from the essence of Agar wood species in the village of Hojai in the Nagaon district of Assam. Harvesting Dominate as well as control can consist of up to 40 years, and a kilogramme of oil costs Rs 132,000.

Ajmal Ali left his birthplace for Mumbai with 500 rupees as well as some oudh oil as his programs starting, following in the footsteps of renowned masters. In the early 1950s, he worked in a dismal cottage in Bombay, combining perfumes as well as trying to find the proper combination to please the many Arab traders that came to India’s Western shores. He gave his product line his family name in 1964. In 1976, he relocated his operations from Bombay to Dubai, where he created the first Ajmal store and introduced the brand’s debut scent, “Mukhallat.” As they said, the rest is history.

Ajmal Ali’s five sons have divided and conquered the work this morning. They are Amiruddin, CEO of Ajmal Fragrance; Room features floor to ceiling, CEO of Ajmal Real Estate; as well as Nazir, COO of Ajmal Fragrance, all of whom are based in the United Arab Emirates. Badruddin and Sirajuddin are in charge of the Indian activities.

Mr. Sirajuddin Ajmal, India’s Head as well as is one of the Ajmal Group’s Directors, says, “Through decades of constant experience and research in the art and methodology of trying to extract pure oils from organic products, Ajmal has become compatible with quality quality conventional Arabic as well as oriental perfumery products.


The potential is enormous, given the fast-growing middle class as well as rising disposable incomes. 6 best Ajmal Perfumes goal is to become a more worldwide recognized luxury brand that enriches customers’ lives via creativity, technology, as well as continuous progress.

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