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traditional costumes of kerala for men and women

Traditional Costumes Of Kerala The state’s traditional attire is known as ‘Mundu,’ and it embraces the lower side of the population from of the waist to the feet. It’s white, and both men or women wear it. It has the appearance of a long skirt or a dhoti. Gender and age affect the upper garment. This outfit is popular in Kerala, the Tulunadu region, and the Maldives. Conservative Religious women wear a 2 different blouse or a pleated “Mundu,” whereas Muslim women occasionally prefer a blue and black purdah.

You’ll observe males and females dressed totally in white if we visit Kerala. It is the epitome of purity and grace. Tourists from all around the globe are drew to their warm personality, polite demeanor, and uncomplicate way of living.

The’mundu neriyathu,’ a blouse with mundu wear by Hindu ladies, is known as the ‘mundu neriyathu.’ Christian women, on the other hand, are more like to wear a ‘chatta’ blouse with a mundu. The difference is that they prefer to fold the mundu into a fan with pleats at the back. Muslim girls in Kerala are seen wear a heavy hijab or veil in ebony or dark blue over their cloth. This is particularly prevalent in Kerala’s northern and central regions.

Kerala Traditional Dress of Men – Mundu or Lung

Traditional Costumes Of Kerala It has a Kara border, which can be any colour but is usually golden. Kara gives the Mundu a flair by showing it on the person’s left or right side. For special events, Kara can be stitch or embellished with embellishments. By folding the lower end of Mundu into the waist, it may be transform into a half skirt. The upper cloth is called ‘Melmundu,’ and it is wear on the shoulders like a towel. Many males these days wear white shirts as well. 
For special occasions, Hindu males dress a Mundu and a Jubba. Kara is frequently embroider and might be make of silk. Muslim men wear a Kulla cap that distinguishes them from Hindus. Muslims may wear either a tunic and Mundu or a lavishly embroidered Sherwani or Kurta.

Kerala Dress of Women – Mundum Neriyathum

Women’s traditional clothing is known as ‘Mundum-Neriyathum.’ This is make up of two Mundus that are very similar. One of them has been wear around the hips and reaches the ankles on the lower half of the torso. The other is a blouse with one end fold in the bottom Mundu at the hips and the other passing through the arm and dropping to the floor from the back, simulating a saree.

According to the event and custom, Hindu ladies may dress a Mundu or a Saree. They like Kanchipuram Sarees made of silk with zardosi or Kundan embroidery for weddings. Dark colours are desirable, whereas white and black should be avoid. For their weddings, Muslim ladies wear embroidered sarees or lehengas with gold zari on the veil. Purdah is sometimes use to cover the face, according on the customs. Christians dress in white sarees and blouses, completing their white ensemble. They are now require to wear a white dress with a veil. A mundum-neriyathum resembles a saree in appearance, and it can be termed a multiple saree with a tunic.

All you need to know about the simple, elegant Kerala kasavu saree

A kasavu mundu is create by combining a kasavu with a mundu (dhoti). Kerala sarees, also referred as Kasavu sarees, are emblematic of Kerala’s culture and history. The natural hues, texture, and gold border of a white and gold sarees make them stand out, adding to their attractiveness. In Kerala, no occasion is full without the Kasavu outfit. The saree’s identity is determine by the geographical cluster with which it is related.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is Kerala’s Traditional Dress?

A. The traditional attire of Kerala is Mundu, a feminine dress that was originally wear as a low-cut dress and is dress in soft colours. The upper garment, which looks a long skirt or dhoti, varies by gender and age. To learn more about Kerala’s traditional attire, click here.

Q. What Is the Kerala ladies Traditional Dress?

A. The ladies of Kerala wear Mundam Neritham as their traditional attire. Mundu, a low cloth with two pieces of cotton cloth, is a classic item. Mundu is wear below the navel and around the hips.

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