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Traditional Jewellery of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its plethora in rich traditions of ancient literature, classical music, dancing peacock, customary arts, and royal motifs, which are note for their noble look, added another feather in the Traditional Jewellery of Rajasthan preserved cultural heritage not only Rajasthan as well as its capital Jaipur is famous for traditional jewellery too. 

Jewellery in Rajasthan is still largely manufacture using ancient types of hand tools and by employing traditional production methods, although in the large city sophisticate machinery is now in use.

Everything You Need to Know About Traditional Rajasthani Jewellery

Kundan Meena jewellery 

Kundan Meena jewellery - The Trending Fashions

Kundan Meena jewellery is an elite, royal, and rich legacy of Rajasthan, it requires a highly complicated and systematic process. The first craftman makes the initial skeleton of the piece of gold this is called Ghat. They also prepare uncut diamond polka with a dak of silver foil to provide extra glitter. Nowadays there are three major enamelling centres in India, each with its distinctive traditional style – at Jaipur, Varanasi, and Lucknow.

Thewa jewellery

Thewa Jewellery - The Trending Fashions

Rajasthani ornaments are quite popular, especially in the west, because of their intricate and extravagant appearance. Thewa’s core designs have been reproduce by international designers. This is an 18th-century art form that originated in Rajasthan, India. Thewa Jewellery is a unique sort of artwork create with 23k gold over the glass. Thewa jewellery features motifs that depict the culture, heritage, and romanticism, and velour of Rajasthan’s Paragraph district. 

Lac Jewellery

Lac Jewellery - The Trending Fashions

This is also known as lacquer jewellery, it is a style jewellery that originate in Rajasthan and has subsequently gain popularity throughout India. Lac jewellery comes in a variety of designs, which adds to its appeal. The bangles, among the different products in lac jewellery, deserve special attention. Lac bangles are brightly colour, and the glasswork on them adds to their appeal. 

Long and Nath

Nath or Nathni - The Trending Fashions

Nath or Nathni is typically wear on the left nostril and is connect to the left ear by a gold or pearl chain. Every Rajasthani bride looks lovely and royal when she wears a big golden Nath with a tiny Kundan on it. In past time, long or stud was refer to as Nath phool. It is a piece of popular everyday-wear jewellery in northern India. 


Aad - The Trending Fashions

Aad is a square or rectangular choker that is traditionally present to the bride by the bridegroom’s family. It also known as a Rajputana necklace, and it’s a must have Rajasthan accessories. moreover It is often fashion of Kundan and other valuable stones, with two strands that connect at the rear. It contributes to the bride’s overall appearance by giving her a wealthy appearance. 

A Consumer’s Study of Traditional Jewellery 

Rajasthan, which has seen significant growth in the sector of handcrafted jewellery over the last several decades, now faces a new sort of rivalry and challenge in the shape of traditional jewellery. This is bolster further by ancestral or local manufacturers and dealers. As a result, there is a need to conduct customer perception research on traditional jewellery to forecast the future of this product. 

The Variables That Influence Consumers to Purchase Traditional Jewellery 

Every individual’s decision to purchase a specific piece of jewellery is heavily influence by one or more important factors, such as advertising or if praised by other members of a family or word of mouth of someone or by the displaying designs presented by the showroom or any other factor that influences the customers to buy the product.   


Traditional Jewellery of Rajasthan is always in demand, but during the wedding season, it is even more so. Without a plethora of traditional Indian jewellery, no Indian bridal attire is consider complete. Traditional jewellery is worn for social gatherings, celebrations, festivals, and religious events in addition to marriages. 

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