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Best High Heels -Sandals For Summer Women: What To Wear With Shorts & Tops

Best High Heels have been a favorite among ladies. They never go out of style, no matter what season it is. To add a bit of glitz to any dress, combine it with a pair of high heels.

platform pump heels -The Trending Fashions
platform pump heels – Shoes, boots, and sandals with a visible thick sole, usually in the range of 3–10 cm (1–4 in), are known as platform shoes. Platform shoes can also be high heels, which have a heel that is far higher than the ball of the foot.
High heels - The Trending Fashions
high heels – High-heeled often known as high heels or just heels, are a form of shoe with a tall or raised heel, causing the wearer’s foot’s heel to be much higher off the ground than their toes. High heels come in a wide range of colours, materials, styles, and origins.

Cone heel - The Trending Fashions
block heel -heels with a wide base are known as block heels. Unlike stilettos, these platforms should provide more support and stability. Your block heels come in a number of widths, from narrow bases to complete wedges, so there’s something for everyone on our shelves.
Almond toe pumps - The Trending Fashions
almond toe pumps – The almond toe is a cross between a round and a pointed toe. Because it matches the most common foot form, this is the most popular option. In terms of appearance, it’s still a pointed toe, but it’s not as thin, so you get the same glamorous effect as a pointed toe.
Ankle strap black heels – Heel grounding straps are made of conductive material and cup the heels of the shoes. Grounded heel straps prevent static from collecting when individuals walk on flooring that aren’t constructed of low-charge-generating materials, such as static-dissipative or conductive. 

the various kinds of high heels

Before we discuss the types of high heels for women, it is necessary to explain the basic styles of high tilt, which are the most common. High slops mainly classified into two kinds of categories: stiletto and kitten tip. Stilettos are form of shoes with a squared toe, usually with a pointed toe. The toe is connect with a slender boot and toe area of high slant are often smooth. A stiletto is usually in black. as well as Kitten tip are a lot more relaxed. Kitten pum are flat shoes and the bottom of the shoe is higher than its arch and toe areas. Kitten heels are usually in pastel colors, rather than dark and cool shades. This makes them very suitable for summer wear.

Stiletto high heels
kitten heels

The best high heels sandals for summer women

Another fascinating fashion activity is how to play up your feet. While it’s not always possible to keep your feet bare, you can’t always have on plain socks either. When you can’t sport a pair of solid colored sandals, you need to enhance your sartorial game! To accentuate your favorite outfits, you can go for colorful slope and buy yourself a pair of metallic slant and pair them with a loose flowing ensemble for a party outing or a lazy day at the beach.

High tilt are so versatile that you can even jazz up a simple dress with a bold pair of slope. Take this simple, yet elegant dress by Alexis Rae and wear them with a pair of strappy open-toed pump.

How to maintain your heels?

The state of a heel is a lot like a body part. In order to keep it in peak shape, it needs to be look after, so always make sure you are moisturizing your careen after every wear. Leave them to dry completely, it’s better than putting them on with your sock.

In addition to this, don’t use a lot of harsh products to treat your heels. Be gentle with your careen, the less you rough your heels up the better.

The Nature of Shoes – Their Origin and Evolution

A pair of shoes represents the outward expression of personality. The advent of shoes symbolized the passage from a life spent on foot to one spent on two feet.

The history of the footwear has been intertwine with that of religion, tribal rites, philosophy and craftsmanship.

Where can you find the best high heels for any occasion?

The first point is to go for a pair that is fit. High tip should be cut so that it does not pinch or distort your feet. Another key consideration is to get a pair of comfortable high tip.

Once you have opted for the perfect pair, buy the correct size. So that you do not end up with the embarrassing walk of being too tall, the tips do not cut into your toes, causing you to trip or trip on them. Ensure that the shoes you buy is sturdy enough to carry you around for an extended period of time, without causing any injuries.


One thing is for sure – Best High Heels will never go out of style. Whether you are going to a party, a concert or shopping, slant will look stunning and add that final touch to your attire. So, we can conclude that high slant are the best accessory you can keep on!

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